Only £3 /mo per employee. Unlimited phishing simulations. Friendly support 😀.

The biggest attack vector is your employees

Research has shown that 91% of cyber attacks start with a phishing email1.

PhishSafety raises your employees awareness of cyber threats through realistic phishing simulations. Every month we run a new simulation to ensure that your employees always remain vigilant and prepared for the next potential data breach.

1. Based on research by Deloitte

Training increases awareness

We have a library of training courses to educate you and your employees of the threat. Our training sessions are direct and to the point. Ensure that your employees are educated of the risks without having to write your own training materials or run awareness sessions.

Automate email awareness

Save time and automate phishing simulations and employee compliance training. Every month you will get a report of organizational preparedness and any areas which can be improved upon.

What is the financial damage of phishing?

Worldwide, the average cost of a data breach in 2019 was $3.92 million.
The United States is the most expensive country for a data breach with the average breach costs companies $8.19 million.

IBM 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report

$8.19 million

Lost by US based companies

$3.92 million

Average lost to companies globally

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