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Deploying on Heroku

Heroku makes it easy to deploy your own instance of PhishSafety. Start the deployment process by clicking on the "Deploy to Heroku" button below 👇.


A few bits of manual configuration are required before we can create your instance.

Set the app name#

Pick a unique name for your app. This will be used in the domain that your app will be accessible at.

e.g. If your app name is phishingtest then your app will be accessible at

Enter your app name in the red box indicated in the screenshot.

Set the hostname#

The hostname setting will be constructed with the app name you set in the previous step. Just append to the app name.

e.g. If your app name is phishingtest, then your hostname will be

Start the deployment#

With the app name and HOSTNAME set, you can click the Deploy app button. Once it has successfully deployed you will see the success message below. Click on the View button to start the PhishSafety setup flow.


Now that you have PhishSafety running on your own server we can proceed to setting up our instance.